Wine Warz Flight - Practise Your Skills

The ultimate wine showdown. This wine flight pairs similar wines against each other so that you can start to recognize the differences between wines.  For example, we will compare a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State vs. a Cabernet Sauvignon from France. 

8 Wines Total

- 4 Red Wines
- 3 White Wines
- 1 Blue Wine
- No Monthly Commitments
- $7.38/Glass Including Shipping
-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

*6 Different Featured Countries

Your Wine Flight Comes With:


- Tasting Notes and Stories Included
- All Wines Are Carefully Curated 
- Only $7.38/Glass + FREE Shipping

- All Vintage Year, Limited Production Wines

*All the wines are vintage years. Buy now. Limited quantities available. 
*Shipping to a business address is recommended but not necessary


  • To Ship To Multiple Addresses Please Place Separate Orders.
  • Shipping To A Business Address Is Recommended But Not Necessary

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