Summer Sipper Wine Flight

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Every come home and want a glass of wine, but don't want to open a full-sized bottle?  Our Sip and Savor wine tubes are the most convenient way for wine lovers to enjoy a glass of wine without the commitment of drinking an entire bottle.  Try us out by ordering our Summer Sipper Wine Flight.  You get to enjoy 8 wines from 7 different countries when it fits your schedule.  
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  • Save money not buying full-sized bottles
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Your Wine Flight Comes With:

  • Red 4 Red Wines White 2 White Wines Blue 1 Blue Wine Rose 1 Rose Wine
  • The famous naturally colored Blue Chardonnay
  • A Sangiovese made by the same winemaker that makes the wine for the Pope
  • An award-winning red blend from Portugal's oldest wine region
  • A traditional Cabernet Sauvignon from Southern France

Your Wine Flight Features Wines From:

FranceFrance ItalyItalyTurkeyTurkeyCanadaCanadaUSAThe USA SpainSpain PortugalPortugal

If you sign up and decide you are not satisfied, want to upgrade to a membership or get kidnapped by the carnival, we’ll be happy to provide you with outstanding customer service!

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