Frequently Asked Questions

Da’bomb. Just kidding!  We are a brand new small company of passionate wine drinkers.  Our team takes great pride in providing a more convenient way for wine lovers to experiment with wines from around the world. 

The ambassador program is a way for Sip and Savor to collaborate with awesome people.  Together we can both be rewarded for spreading the word about our awesome products. It's quite simple how it works; you will get a unique referral link.  Every time someone new purchases using your link they save 15% and you earn 10% commission.  Sign up now. 

No.  It's completely free to collaborate with us.  We may expect a coffee date if you are passing through the area

I wish!  We are just not that big yet!  I would recommend to follow us on Instagram @sipandsavorusa and once expand you will be the first to know!

Most our wine flight products are $55-$59.  

It's pretty easy!  First fill out the form about this FAQ.  You will then receive an email from our ambassador program lead.  This email will highlight our expectations, how to register for your sample box and submit your address. Once you receive your sample box, we will contact you to see if you have any other questions.  Probably the coolest way to earn commission ever!  

Never!  The more you help the more you will be rewarded!  If we win, we all win! 

No it won't.  You will always be able to redeem it or convert it to cash.  

Yes you can!  Once you have more than $50 in referral credit, contact us and we will be happy to issue you a check instead for 8% of the value of the referral credit.