About Sip and Savor 

Have you ever came home to find a half-oxidized bottle of wine in the fridge? Eeek!  Horrible feeling right?  As working professionals, we found our lives were too busy to always open a full bottle of wine. 

Cue the idea for Sip and Savor.  We wanted to enjoy a good-sized glass of wine without the cost of opening a full bottle.  But not just any glass of wine!  We wanted to challenge our palate by discovering unique, local wines and handcrafted wines from around the world.  

We Started Sip and Savor for the Following Reasons:

  • To enjoy a glass of wine without having to open a bottle
  • To try wines, from around the world, that we can't buy at the corner store
  • To create a wine package size that pairs perfectly with our busy schedule
  • To offer quality, handcrafted wines with zero added sugars
  • To create a package that uses more environmentally friendly products
  • To give the consumer the chance to try a wine before buying a full-sized bottle
  • To make a difference socially by employing young adults with intellectual disabilities

We would love you to be part of our story. Use the code: WINETUBE at checkout to receive 25% off your first purchase. See Our Best Selling Products here