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Doluca Red 2016

Evolve your palate by experiencing a blend of indigenousness grapes from one of the world’s oldest grape growing regions.  Our Doluca Red is not for the faint of heart, this is a complex flavored wine, with dense tannins and high alcohol.   If you love bold, red wines, pour a glass and take your palate on a journey to the middle east.

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  • Limited Quantities Available
  • 750 ml Bottles Available

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  • 50%  Boğazkere 25% Kalecik Karasi 25% Shiraz   

    Sweetness - Low 
    Acidity  Medium 
    Tannin - High 
    Body  High  
    Alcohol – High

  • The translation for Boğazkere means “throat burner.”  That is exactly what you will feel when you sip on this wine.  Do you know what causes the burn sensation?  If you answered the alcohol, you are correct.   

    One of the ways SOMM’s determine where a grape varietal is grown is by how much burn sensation they feel on the back of their throat.  Grapes with high alcohol contents usually come from hotter climates.  These hints help the SOMM narrow down the possibilities.    

    Next time you feel that burn sensation, have some fun and take a guess where the wine was made.  If you guess  Turkey, California or Australia, you may be right.

  • Spicy, Saucy Meat Dishes, Kebabs, Tandir, Fox News and Annoying Neighbours

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