5 Steps That Every Beginner Wine Drinker Should Know When Evaluating A Wine

by Alexa Valeska 2 min read

Welcome to 60 Second Somm where I teach you everything I know about wine in 60 seconds or less. 

Today’s lesson goes over the basics of how to approach tasting wine.


It all boils down to the 5’s of wine tasting:

The first S stands for SEE.  The color of the wine can give us hints to what kind of wine it is. For Example – a dark purple hue would tell us that it’s probably a Syrah.

The second S stands for SMELL.  The aroma’s of the wine can give us hints to where the wine comes from.  For example – if you smell a bit of barnyard aromas, this is very typical of French wines. 

The third S is everyone’s favorite - SIP!  Swish the wine around the inside of your mouth to evenly coat your palate. 

The fourth S is Savor. When you savor the wine, you are looking for things like acidity, which makes your mouth water along the sides of your tongue.  Acidity will tell us if the wine came from a cool or hot climate.  For example – wines higher in acidity tend to be produced in cooler climates like New Zealand.

The last S stands for swallow.  When swallowing watch for a burn on the back of your palate.  A slight burn usually represents a wine higher in alcohol.  Higher alcohol wines typically come from hotter climates like California. 

So to recap…we have to See, Smell, Sip, Savor and Swallow.

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Alexa Valeska
Alexa Valeska

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